Fired Up! Studio


unique functional ceramic giftware

Extra large table centerpiece, 5.5"h x 13.5" d.  Teal Blue, Ash and base glazes, with blush. Textured edge. White stoneware



Large serving bowl. Slip edging  3.5" x 10"

Rutile glaze with brown and black ash. White stoneware


#407, Large table bowl, 6" x 11"  Incised rim.  Brown accent  with blue ash and blush over base glaze. White stoneware


#422 Small dessert Bowl. 2.5" x 5".

Red iron glaze over Tenmoku. Brown stoneware

$15 ea.


#293   Extra large display bowl. 6.5" x 14" Celedon/rutile blush combination. White stoneware. $135.