Fired Up! Studio


unique functional ceramic giftware

#433 Covered Jar. Medium size, 6.5 x 4.5  Green over base glaze with tenmoku accent.  White stoneware $45 


 Tall Covered Jar incised pattern with Blue ash. White stoneware.


Tall Covered Jar. Green over base glaze with tenmoku accents. White stoneware


Med Covered Jar.  Blue ash rivulets over rutile bas glaze, Tenmoku accents, White stoneware


#377 "Pumpkin" covered Jar. 5"x6" Brown ash over base glaze. Porcelain. $52

#315 Covered Jar. Incised

Brown ash over rutile base glaze.  Tenmoku accents.

White stonewre   $46

# 378  Medium covered jar  6" x 8".  Base glaze with subtle brown ash rivulets, Tenmoku accent. Porcelain


# 376  Low covered jar.5" x 5".  Blue ash over base glaze with blush. Porcelain.



# 375  Covered jar  6"x 8".

Blue ash over base glaze with blush. Tea dust on cover.  Porcelain.